Ariel, ScholarMoms Founder & Blogger-in-Chief

Ariel is a current PhD student and intern, a graduate program coordinator, a blogger, a devoted wife, and a proud mom of an adorable little boy. To say the least, she is no stranger to juggling responsibilities across the board and tackling accompanying challenges.

After completing her master’s degree in psychology, Ariel scored a temporary opportunity as a technical writer for an IT firm before returning to school yet again to pursue her passion: clinical mental health counseling. Soon into her program, she and her husband learned they would be expecting their firstborn child at the start of her second year. Though blessed with a strong support system herself, Ariel realized the combined demands of her academics, her household, and the typical sagas of life would be more than enough for many. In that very moment, ScholarMoms was born into existence.

Interested in Joining Our Team?

ScholarMoms is always looking for fresh perspectives and approaches to maintaining the delicate balance that is our existence. If you would like to share your experiences as a mom/mom-to-be in pursuit of (or contemplating pursuit of) academia, we invite you to do so. Your story may be the inspiration another ScholarMom needs to make the worthwhile decision to follow her dreams!