ScholarMom Interview: Brittney


As we ramp up here at ScholarMoms, we decided it’d be a really awesome thing to do to feature women who live the ideals of ScholarMoms and whose stories are simply captivating and inspirational.

Our first featured ScholarMom is Brittney, a business analyst from Prince George’s County, Maryland. A married mother of a five-year-old, Brittney is kicking butt and taking names. She graduated from Bowie State University with her B.A. in communications in 2009 with a 3.4 GPA and recently wrapped up her MBA from University of Maryland University College with an outstanding 3.6 GPA.

She credits her husband, Keith, along with close family members and friends with supporting her along her journey and, today, she’s gracing us with her presence and insight.

SM: How did motherhood impact your scholarly pursuits?
Brittney: Motherhood impacted my scholarly pursuits because I wanted to be able to provide more for my child and family in the long haul. I wanted to set up accounts and funds for my son and future children so that they would not have to worry about student debt later in life. Being a mother makes me look to the future and not just the present.

I have people that depend on me and I wanted to be able to provide for them in the case that I am not here to do so. The work force is about who you know now, but its still about what you know and how to use what you know to move upwards in the work force and remain competitive. Whether it’s school or a craft your trying to pursue in life, you always have to stay on step ahead and perfect your craft.

SM: In hindsight, is there anything about your journey that you would do differently?
Brittney: I absolutely wouldn’t do anything differently. It was a rough and long journey but I think it made me stronger and gave me the will power to know that I can really do anything I just need to stay focused with positive energy and make whatever I want to do a priority in my life.

SM: What surprised you the most about your experience as a mother pursuing higher education?
Brittney: I think I surprised myself by not letting my school work ever interfere or overpower my ability to still have that quality time with my son. I still made sure that I was able to take him places, go to events with him, and just spend time with him. My school work was a priority but my family is my #1 priority first. If they are good then I am good. I was able to juggle life and school at once.

SM: Do you have any parting words of advice or encouragement for women who are currently (or considering) pursuing motherhood and their education at the same time?
Brittney: I would say to always see it through. It’s going to get rough, your going to want to give up, your going to question yourself. Don’t give up, if it was easy everyone would do it. The reward when you are done is so much bigger than the struggle. I’m not taking about a monetary reward but a feeling of accomplishment reward that no one can ever take away from you.You will thank me later. 🙂