Self-Care for Moms


|Self-Care: Intentional steps taken to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.|

We’ve all heard it before: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Put on your own oxygen mask first before attempting to help others. You get the idea!

The bottom line is that people, and moms in particular, need to do a better job of prioritizing themselves. It’s not selfish. It’s critical to our mental health. Making yourself a priority doesn’t mean that you will always come first. It does mean that you will always take yourself into consideration. If LO is sick this week, then obviously the defenseless little human rises up the hierarchy BUT you should be thinking ahead to when you can have some me-time.

Self-care can look totally different from one mom to the next. It can be low-key or grand, a solo activity or group fun, a get-away or a stolen 15 minutes by yourself. Self-care is most effective when it’s something that you connect with and find to be restorative. With that said, I will periodically post some ideas that I have either tried out or would like to  try in the future. Drop by and peruse the self-care section when you feel burnout approaching or, better yet, review some ideas ahead of time and make self-care a priority on your calendar.

What are your favorite forms of self-care? How do you find the time for it?