Living an Authentic Life


adjective  au·then·tic \ ə-ˈthen-tik, ȯ-\
not false or imitation ;real, actual; true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character.

Can I be real for a second y’all? Can we talk??? It can be so hard to just embrace who I am sometimes. In the world today, us American girls are are expected to do it all. Take care of the house, the spouse, the kids, get that education, be a great friend, and rock that career. What I’ve come to realize is that, what initially seems like a multitasking issue, is really a question of authenticity. Acknowledging that nobody can be perfect at everything, it is so crucial to figure out who you are and set your priorities accordingly.

For me, I’ve known since at least high school that my priority in life was to find true love and have a happy family. When I arrived at college for undergrad I didn’t even know what I wanted to major in. I just knew that people were supposed to go to college, so there I was. I eventually settled on Business Administration, which was…not a mistake but not ideal. It wasn’t until my 3rd or 4th year that I realized that mental health was my educational passion. However, all through that journey, my true driving force was the hope that I would find the person I belonged with and have the family that I always longed for. I know somewhere there are women rolling their eyes, thinking “you don’t need a man!” “you don’t need to belong to anybody!” “Women will inherit the Earth!!!” Spare me. That may all be true, but until you’ve walked a mile in my shoes, you can’t criticize my journey. My priorities are just that: MY PRIORITIES. You have yours and I have mine. So when I find myself in a rut and unable to live up to the expectations of others, I remind myself of my priorities and start there. When my marriage feels solid and my kid is healthy and happy (or at least as happy as any terrible two-nager can be), my foundation is more stable and I’m in a better position to attack my other goals. Start where your heart is. Then the rest is easier. Maybe your heart is in your professional goals. This might mean that other aspects of your life take a backseat. There’s nothing wrong with that! Own it and be awesome! Be who you are. Be who you were always meant to be. We can only hope and pray that our days on this Earth will be long enough to do everything our hearts desire. BUT, just in case, do it in the order that matters most. Do what feels most authentic to your purpose.